Darren J. Duzyk, PLLC

Darren J. Duzyk, PLLC Website

This one is another fairly simple, straightforward website. Its a good example because pretty much every part of the page is content managed – The main page article, the quote and/or photo in the sidebar, and a disclaimer field in the footer are all managed on the back end. This is a longtime client who I’ve done branding for as well.

Atkinson, Simms & Kermode, PLLC

Atkinson, Simms & Kermode, PLLC Website

This one was also built on a design from another artist. This designer is especially particular about how his designs are reproduced. Its a very simple site and mainly notable because its very different from something I might have designed myself.

Cypress Property Group

Cypress Property Group Website

This site really forced me to stretch what I can do with a content management system. I’m very happy with the overall design and have gotten a lot of great feedback from the client. The highlight here is the property listing section.

Victorian Square Shoppes

Victorian Square Shoppes Website

The client is a specialty mall in an unconventional downtown space, so I wanted to use an somewhat unconventional layout – while still making it easy to get around.There is some turnover through the year in businesses at this location, so content management was a must. The client can add and remove Shoppes, Restaurants and Offices quickly and easily.One chief concern of the client was…